Updating jpanel

For descriptions of the GUI Builder's visual feedback, you can use the GUI Builder Visual Feedback Legend.

project within which to store sources and other project files.

It will contain the j ME canvas and the Swing frame.

Note that you have to use app.enqueue() when modifying objects in the scene from the AWT Event Queue like you have to use

Instead we create a Runnable() that creates and opens a standard Swing j Frame.

In the runnable, we also create our Swing Canvas Test game with special settings, create a Canvas for it, and add that to the j Frame. The Swing isn’t thread-safe and doesn’t allow us to keep the j ME3 canvas up-to-date.

This can be useful when you create some sort of interactive 3D viewer with a user interface that is more complex than just a HUD: For instance an interactive scientific demo, a level editor, or a game character designer. We don’t call start() on the Swing Canvas Test object as usual.In this tutorial you will learn how to: use the GUI Builder Interface, create a GUI Container, add, resize, and align components, adjust component anchoring, set component auto-resizing behavior, edit component properties. The IDE's GUI Builder makes it possible to build professional-looking GUIs without an intimate understanding of layout managers.You can lay out your forms by simply placing components where you want them.This tutorial guides you through the process of creating the graphical user interface (GUI) for an application called Contact Editor using the Net Beans IDE GUI Builder.In the process you will layout a GUI front-end that enables you to view and edit contact information of individuals included in an employee database.

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