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This morning, a debate, in partnership with Facebook, the world’s number-one social platform, and the New Hampshire Union Leader. ANNOUNCER: This is the NBC News-Facebook Republican candidates debate. Each candidate will have one minute, 60 seconds, to make their statement, to respond to questions, and at my discretion, 30 seconds for follow-ups or rebuttals.From the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, New Hampshire, here now, the moderator of “Meet the Press,” David Gregory. We’re on a pretty tight schedule, so I will ask the candidates to stay within their allotted time, and we’ll see how that goes.You can monitor the conversation there, and we’ll see some of your feedback during that debate -- over the course of this debate. I just want to say, on behalf of all Americans, that I thank you for being willing to debate each other every 10 hours, whether you feel you need it or not. GINGRICH: Well, look, I think what Republicans have to ask is, who’s most likely in the long run to survive against the kind of billion-dollar campaign the Obama team is going to run?And I think that a bold Reagan conservative, with a very strong economic plan, is a lot more likely to succeed in that campaign than a relatively timid, Massachusetts moderate who even the Wall Street Journal said had an economic plan so timid it resembled Obama.For non-criminal justice purposes, such as employment, housing, licensing, etc., only conviction CHRI is provided.All CHRI in New Hampshire is confidential, and is disseminated under the authority of Revised Statute Annotated (RSA) 106-B: 14, and Administrative Rule Saf-C 5700.

Daily delivered to your inbox That New Hampshire computer crimes law, which comes with a sentence of up to seven years in prison, supercharged Labrie’s penalty. Across the country, other prosecutors, parents and police are also finding themselves in a combustible mix of sex, computers and the law.New Hampshire has several gun rights organizations (Gun Owners of New Hampshire and Women's Defense League of New Hampshire to name a few) that successfully work to expand gun freedoms and protect the state’s shall-issue concealed carry permit process, free open-carry laws, and the stand-your-ground law.New Hampshire is the only state in the nation to recognize and codify nanobreweries as separate from larger breweries.33 Hazen Drive, Room 106A, Concord, NH Monday through Friday a.m. Welcome to New Hampshire State Police Criminal Records The mission of the Criminal Records Unit is to obtain, store, and disseminate Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) on all criminal arrests and dispositions of individuals charged with a criminal offense in New Hampshire.In support of that mission the Criminal Records Unit maintains the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which receives and processes criminal and applicant fingerprint information for the Central Repository and the FBI criminal record database.

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