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Though it's not required, the Michigan Department of State recommends that both the buyer and seller go to the secretary of state's office to complete the title transfer.In any event, title must be transferred within 15 days from the date of purchase to avoid any late fees.Items like a sun canopy added after purchase or lease may be removed.It has long been illegal to “float” or post-date a check by writing it in an amount exceeding your current bank balance, even if you expected a pending deposit to cover it by the time it reached the bank.As with any other vehicles, used-car sellers must be able to transfer title of the vehicle to the purchaser.

Note that Check 21 does directly address how quickly a bank must make funds you deposit by check available to you, although federal law already places a maximum time limit on clearance of deposited checks.Tinder's parent company IAC has yet to respond to the complaint. Unlike new car sales, used car sales in Michigan have far fewer protections and restrictions governing the transaction.SAN DIEGO - A class action complaint is being filed against the popular dating app Tinder, claiming it's ripping people off."They did not get the disclosure in the contractual provisions that they should've," said Attorney Abbas Kazerounian, who claims the company is violating California law by forcing users of its upgraded version, Tinder Plus, into paying for an entire trial period even if they cancel halfway through.

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