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Even though I had been to Indonesia before, my brain could not process the length of time I would be away. I distinctly remember the day when I signed the papers to accept the Fulbright grant.

I even made a housemate take my picture as I was signing.

We all had made the poor decision of not leaving our luggage at the hotel, meaning we were lugging our stuff through a jungle for five hours.

S.-based NGO which helps trafficked girls worldwide, including Nicole.

Powell, accompanying Nicole to the Trust Women conference on trafficking and women’s rights this week run by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, said a growing trend in the United States is to use Whats App or Snapchat where messages evaporate over time.

“In some cases you have really stupid traffickers who leave mountains and mountains of email trails,” said Powell.

Now I laugh a little when I think about how difficult the decision seemed at the time.

The last eight months have flown by, and it’s starting to hit me that I’ll have to leave in four weeks. Which is not to say that living here has always been easy, but the decision to come here was one of the best I’ve ever made. Most days, I usually have a traditional Javanese meal from the school canteen called .

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