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The second section is dedicated to role-playing fantasies and personal manifestos.

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Cleis Press, 2012 | Buy from Tristan | Amazon | Kindle | Nook | Russian Edition is the first major guide to BDSM in a generation—a bold and sexy collection of essays that run the gamut from expert how-to tutorials to provocative essays that delve into complex questions about desire, power, and pleasure.Feminist Press at CUNY, 2013 | Buy from Tristan | Amazon | Kindle | Nook | German Edition Part 1 | German Edition Part 2 The Feminist Porn Book, edited by Tristan Taormino, Celine Parrenas-Shimizu, Constance Penley, and Mireille Miller-Young, brings together for the first time writings by feminists in the adult industry and research by feminist porn scholars.This book investigates not only how feminists understand pornography, but also how feminists do porn—that is, direct, act in, produce, and consume one of the world’s most lucrative and growing industries.There are many out there but is the original fuckbook network and they’ve lived up to their promises when it comes to getting you laid.These were all important factors to me since I’m not very tech savvy.

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