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I finally met a young man I was interested in marrying, but I had no idea how to navigate the experience and found myself lost and confused.

This type of idealistic thinking leading to confusion and even rebellion continues to be prevalent in our community.

At first glance, YC-backed Muzmatch‘s dating app might look best described as a ‘Tinder for Muslims’.

But co-founders Shahzad Younas and Ryan Brodie are clear about what sets their target audience apart from the casual dating/hook-up crowd: a genuine intent to find a partner in order to get married.

However, exactly how I was going to get married was not discussed.

My mother told me of her arranged marriage to my father and how it all just happened, reassuring me that my husband was “written” for me – “it is all in God’s plans so don’t worry, it will just happen.” I continued to believe in this magical destiny well into my college years.

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“Right now about 30 people a day are leaving our app and telling us specifically I found my partner on your app or I just got engaged or we just got married.” Growth thus far has coming organically, via word-of-mouth recommendations in the Muslim community, they say.

An open attitude helps Mubarakah deal with misconceptions.

“If people don’t understand, I just try to be very personable with it,” she says.

Every Muslim is raised with the idea that they will someday get married, but prior to that there can be no interaction with the opposite gender.

Well, this makes meeting the person you are “written” for and getting to know him or her for marriage nearly impossible.

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