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Write a story that is based on the scene pictured in this announcement. Deadline: In 2 Days Fan Story's only songwriting contest. Deadline: In 4 Days The theme for this poetry contest is "faith". Write a story based on the topic provided in the the announcement. Center your poem and this will usually result in a poem that looks like a lantern which is where the name of this poem comes from. Deadline: Aug 27th Write a fictional epic poem of a great conflict. Deadline: Aug 31st For this contest you are challenged to write a Tanka poem.

Deadline: In 2 Days The topic for this writing contest is: a deep secret. Deadline: In 2 Days Write a poem where an emotion is turned into a real person could it be Linda Lust or prince Terror can be funny scary sad anything you like have fun. You can post the original lyrics via the author notes and a video. We are looking for poems that in some way pertain to this theme. Tanka is a form of poetry with a specific syllable count.

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Tests with specific antisera suggested that the hybrid molecule had human alpha units and mouse beta units.

Vividly write about a dream you had once or had last night the choice is yours. I want the readers to see your dream almost as if they were looking at a picture you drew or a movie you directed. Make a joke a story Create a concise, rhyming, political quip of fewer than 25 syllables. Deadline: Aug 30th any type of poem about dragons Deadline: Aug 31st The topic for this poetry contest is: Ethics and Integrity. The poem does not have to be specifically about the topic and creative approaches are welcomed.

Use: FS editors (basic, advanced) Two colors from FS editor only - one each for background and font No animation, music or other special effects of any kind No illustration in addition to one positioned above your poem (optional) A character can make a story. So the first line has one syllable, the second line has two, the third line has three syllables, fourth has four and the final line has one. But contest voters will be asked to consider the topic when making a choice for a winner.

She learns that she has a brain tumor and she needs money for her daughter after she passes away.

Hye-Soo overhears from Ji-Hoon that he is looking for a liver donor for his mother.

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